My Engine Is Making This Strange Sound...

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We've seen cars used as planters, residences for errant wildlife -- even ancient, pagan rituals. But a drum set? Nope, we've never seen that. Until now.

Meet Jordan Hill and his 40-car-part drum set.

Jordan, we'd give you Tommy's MG to work with… but we're not sure there are 40 parts that are still attached! Thanks for sharing your automotive-percussive hobby with us. (You can check out more of Jordan's work on his blog.)
The idea for Motor Rhythms started several years ago when I was replacing a water pump at work. My wrench slipped and hit the water pump pulley. The metal pulley had a wonderful tone, and at that point the drummer in me took over. I began to save other parts and experiment with different sounds.  After a while I decided to try and build a fully functioning drum set with all the parts I had.  Two years later, after many late nights at the garage, and several trips to the local pick-a-part, the Motor Rhythms drum set was complete.

There are over 40 different car parts in the drum set. They include gas tanks for bass drums, flywheels for hi-hat cymbals, coolant tanks and washer fluid reservoirs for tom drums, a set of 15 pulley bells, receiver drier chimes, brake drums, air cleaner cover gongs, and pressure plate diaphragms.


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music, mail bag

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