Mustang GT Convertible Premium (2014)

  • Pro List Icon Pros
  • On a summer night, with the top down, it’s a great car.
  • Very smooth clutch (with manual transmission).
  • Silly amount of power.
  • Immensely popular -- among people of a certain age who probably pined for one in high school and never got one but now have the $44,000 to pick one up.
  • Front seats are low, but comfortable enough.
  • If you get one in a bright color, you’d might as well slap a label on your forehead that says, “Just Divorced.”
  • Con List IconCons
  • Car is ready for a serious update. Been improved over the years, but still based on a very old design.
  • Gas mileage is poor.
  • The day-glo, lime-green colored Mustang we drove was, in a word, garish. It’s a color Ford calls, “Gotta Have It Green.” It screams “Look at me!” Add in the fact that it’s convertible and rumbles loudly, the Mustang GT in that color can be downright embarrassing.
  • We’ve always found the GT to be a testosterone-poisoned beast, and this edition is no exception. It’s not a car we’d want to drive every day.
  • With the top up, the visibility out the back and the rear sides is awful. Visibility is much improved, though, with both the headrests and top down.
  • The automatic top doesn’t return elegantly, and requires a bit of wrangling to get it into its proper location so it can be secured. In this day and age, that’s not acceptable.
  • Rear seats are watermelon holders, not suitable for anyone we know.
  • The regular Mustang might be a much more reasonable car for most people. It’s an updated nostalgia vehicle without the huge engine and really poor mileage of the GT.

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