Over the years, we've taken plenty of calls from moms. And very few of those conversations have been about compression ratios, double-overhead cam specs, or other dweebish details into which us guys can happily disappear for hours at a time.

The fact is, most moms just want a car that runs reliably and fits into their lives. A car that, for example, won't break down when your two-year-old is projectile vomiting into the rear view mirror, and you're already running late for work.

Enter Motherproof.com. (Shameless Commerce alert.)

Curious to hear more, we put our own chief executive new mom, Catherine Fenollosa, on the assignment. She recently spoke with Kristin Varela, the mastermind behind MotherProof.com, to find out what moms really want, which carmakers deserve a maternal dope slap, and much more.

Yours in embedded Cheerios, The Wiggles CDs, and dried milk vomit,

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