The Most Curious Game of Baseball

The Puzzler

RAY: Since we're in the waning hours of the major league baseball season, I thought it appropriate that we use this puzzler.

TOM: In a few weeks it'll be irrelevant.

RAY: Exactly. The inspiration for this came from a guy named Willie Myers. He says,

"I had had a hard day at work. The boss had been on my case. I decided to hit the local tavern on my way home.

"I walked into the tavern, and I noticed there was a ballgame on the TV that's hanging on the back wall. I took a stool at the bar, and ordered a beer. I glanced up. I'm not really that interested in baseball, but there was an attractive lady sitting there, and she seemed interested in the game. I asked her, "What's the score?"

She said, "There's no score. It's the bottom of the 5th."

There were two outs. The batter hit a hard grounder, sharply down the first base line. Since there was no one on base, the first baseman was playing off the bag. He lunged and grabbed the ball before it could make it into the outfield.

Then - instead of running to first base to make the out - he took the ball, and fired it across the diamond to the third baseman, who caught the ball and stepped on third. The ump made the sign saying, "You're out!" All of his teammates ran off the field.

What happened?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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