Most Bogus Auto Repair?

Blinker Fluid?  Oh, really?

We've heard some hard-to-believe diagnostic tall-tales over the years. And, to be honest, we've invented a few pretty good ones, ourselves.

Mark "Smoky" Hanson from Fort Collins, Colorado recently wrote us and reminded us of the age-old blinker-fluid-change scam. (Has anyone ever really fallen for that?) Mark also hinted that it might be time for us to have our muffler bearings repacked.

Thanks, Mark. We seen a few transmission rebuilds in your future. Real soon.

That got us thinking: what's the most booooo-gus auto repair you've ever heard of? Let us know!

Share the scams right here-- and if Tom and Ray employ any of them successfully at the garage, we'll cut you in with a commission! Or, would you settle for some fresh blinker fluid?

Starting to feel burned after the third muffler bearing job in as many weeks!
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