Miss Paula? We've got the Highlights.

LA Auto Show
The L.A. Auto Show was last week and we sent the always hilarious Paula Poundstone to investigate. Miss her inspection of this year's offerings? We've got you covered!

First up, Paula examined Fiat's Italian Masterpiece Project. Watch her as she dared to ask the tough question: Which matters more: lumbar support or fine art?

Next up, Paula shared some valuable tips for walking away with a sweet deal:

And last but not least, the highlight reel. Paula took us on a tour of everything the L.A. Auto Show had to offer-- right down to drivers losing sleep over the prospect of an overwhelming zombie attack:

Paula, thanks for being Car Talk's official 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show reporter!

Want more Paula? We don't blame you. Catch her on tour! Check out her travels right here.  
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LA Auto Show

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