Mercedes doesn't trust Tom and Ray.

Lexus, SC 400, 1992
Dear Tom and Ray:

The time has come for me to buy a new car. After looking at many cars and reading Consumer Reports, I've narrowed it down to the Lexus SC400 and the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. I can afford either one, but I don't know which is a better overall car. Which one do you think I should buy?

TOM: Unfortunately, Jake, we can't comment on the Mercedes 300SL. I'm sure it's a very nice car, but Mercedes has never sent us one to test drive.

RAY: I think they're afraid my brother will drool all over it or something.

TOM: Anyway, we have driven the Lexus coupe, and it is a wonderful car. It's powerful, quiet, and great looking. It appears to be very well made, and it has the neatest looking dashboard illumination you've ever seen!

RAY: So if you're looking to spend $40K on a car, Jake, we highly recommend the Lexus. And if you live where it snows, we strongly suggest you order it with traction control.

TOM: But if you do ignore our advice and get the Mercedes, write to us and tell us how it is. We'd love to know.
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Lexus, SC 400, 1992

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