Mental Protuberance Defined

The Puzzler

TOM: Where the hell did you get that one? I was thinking the other day, as I was conjuring up trivia questions, that the answers are much more fun than the questions because you have to make up phony answers, and "annoying friend" is so far out in left field that most people would say that's got to be right.

RAY: Well, you know what? It isn't. Actually, when I first read this I got the answer.

TOM: You did?

RAY: Yes. Only because I knew that the word for chin in Italian ...

TOM: Was La menta.

RAY: No that's mint. El mento with an "o." El mente is the noodle. So "mente" is mind; "mento" is chin. Well I guess it could be a humongous head, but I'm gonna go with a large chin -- Jay Leno type. And that's the answer.

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