Matchstick Mathematics Number H

The Puzzler

RAY: It was This was not from my famous "matchstick" series. This one came from our friend Murray Priceler.

TOM: Ah, yeah.

RAY: He says, "Take your matchsticks out, or your pen with which you will draw matchsticks, or whatever."

TOM: All right. I'm going to do this.

RAY: "And make the following in Arabic numerals."

TOM: Oh, I didn't work on this one.

RAY: Well, I know that.

TOM: I remember this now.

RAY: Because if you had, you would have complained. "One + 1 + 11." You got that? No equals sign. Just 1 + 1 + 11. So, including the plus sign, you're using eight matches.

TOM: Yeah. OK.

RAY: Now, here's the Puzzler: "Move one match and make that sum equal to 130, a hundred thirty."

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