Matchstick Math II

The Puzzler

RAY: So, how can you move one matchstick to make the equation correct? Now, we're going to get a bunch of people to go, "Aw, man, this is bogus!" But...tough!

TOM: Well, that's what Puzzlers are all about! If the answer was simple and straight forward, it wouldn't be a puzzlement, now would it?

RAY: Exactly! And I think the solution is elegant. You are going to take one away from the numerator.

TOM: Yeah, so, instead of saying 23, it's going to be 22.

RAY: And now you have 22 over 7, and with that one matchstick that you removed, a number should jump into your head.

TOM: Yes!

RAY: Because 22 over 7 equals pi, and you're going to put that matchstick that you've removed from the numerator atop the 2 on the right side of the equation, and --

TOM: Oh, man!

RAY: Although it isn't quite accurate, you're going to make the symbol for pi, thus making the equation correct. So who's our winner this week?

TOM: The winner is Laura Leonard from Charleston, South Carolina. Congratulations!

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