Matchstick Math II

The Puzzler

RAY: Go and get a bunch of matchsticks. We’re going to make a fraction. The numerator of this fraction is going to be Roman numerals. And the Roman numeral is 23, which is two Xs...
RAY: Then you’re going to take a bunch of matchsticks, and make your line. And then the denominator is going to be 7 in Roman numerals, which is V-I-I. And then an equals sign -- it's a little equation -- equals 2, which is represented by two vertical matchsticks, I-I. OK? Roman numeral 23 over Roman numeral 7 equals 2. 
Obviously, this equation is wrong. Your challenge is to move one matchstick and make the equation correct. Now, you cannot take one matchstick, for example, and make the equation 22 over 7 does not equal 3. Inequalities are not allowed.
TOM: Also, by the way, if I take one of the matchsticks away from the X, I will be left with a sort of diagonal-facing line, and that means ...
RAY: Nothing.
TOM: You can't do that?
RAY: No, you can’t. So again, here's your challenge: how can you move one matchstick and make this into a correct equation?

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