Letters about Martha

I love Martha

You finally added some real class to your show. It just doesn't get any better: a brewski in one hand and a bowl of popcorn in the other, listening to Click and Clack and Martha Stewart. And if you guys want to take a few months of vacation while Martha does the show, that's fine too.

Jim Hilbrecht


I loved the Martha Stewart visit! I say this even though I **strongly** suspect she's a Republican, one of those really scary ones, but you two bring out the human being in her! Her visit on your show probably got her a whole new image with a lot of us out here in Car Talk land. She certainly came across as warm and kind and funny to me!

Jeannie Callaghan


I am no fan of Martha, but your pairing of her with the Tappet Brothers was inspired. She is the anti-Tappet brother, and thus rises the humor of juxtaposition. Anyone who didn't like the show is a closed-minded weenie!

Mike Geraghty


I think all the negative e-mail about your show with Martha is pure doily envy. I thought you made a fine trio. And the best part? I'm driving along with my girlfriend, and instead of her saying, "Oh, do we have to listen to these two nuts again?" she exclaims, "OOOOHHHH! Martha Stewart is on Car Talk? Yeah!" It was a good day!

Mick in Portland, OR


So when are the two of you going to make a reciprocal appearance on Martha's TV show? I want to be certain to set my VCR to catch that one! Will you be doing toasted cheese on the manifold? I can't wait!

Greg Hoff


I just wanted to tell you guys that you made my day. Having Martha Stewart on your show was SUCH a good thing! I figure that the three of you embody all practical knowledge in the universe. Now that you've covered the aesthetics of car ownership, how about a relationship expert? Don't invite Dr. Laura, though, because she has no sense of humor.

Rebecca in Seattle


Dear Click and Clack,

Could you please ask Ms. Stewart whether she will one day include automotive accessories in her lineup of fashionable goods? It will be nice to have decently stitched car-seat covers for the likes of my 1983 Toyota Tercel. Merci beaucoup (I understand you have a certain "je ne sais quoi" for the French).

Karl Mondoa


Dear Guys,

What a great show you just had with Martha Stewart as your guest. This show had me laughing out loud. I think Martha Stewart is a wonderful entertainer. Please extend to her my appreciation for her being on your show.

Herb Tillem


I just listened to Martha Stewart on Car Talk. She was great. The whole thing was really funny. One problem -- there wasn't much room for the caller. Part of the charm of the show is interaction with regular people who call in from all over.



I enjoyed Martha's comments and the way you two played off of them. You really brought out her sense of humor, not often seen in other contexts. Keep going till you drop.

Marilyn Moynihan


Having Martha on the show was the right thing at the right time for me. Who knows, one day I might even get a sermon from you and then we can add fund-raising for NPR via the pulpit to your resumes.

Pf. James Peters


Post a picture of Martha Stewart with you guys or else I'll continue to think it was Rich Little!! Thanks, Rich.



You guys turned Ms. Stewart into a human being. I've seen her a lot, always guarded, always careful. By golly, she actually let her hair down and had fun. Nobody, NOBODY has EVER got her to relax and become one of the guys. I'm curious -- how much booze did it take? When I heard who the guest was I almost turned off.


I hate Martha

Imagine my horror to realize the guys hadn't been kidding when, a couple of weeks ago, they said Martha Stewart would be joining them. Her Corporateness is such an invasion of and runs counter to the spirit and personality -- the integrity, really -- of your program. I'll admit to not having listened beyond the moment I learned she was there and can only hope she will not be on again. PLE-E-E-E-ZE, LOSE HER.

Lost A. Listener





I just about puked and crashed my car when I heard Martha Stewart was on your show! Come on, guys, what happened? A temporary loss of sanity? A really long winter up there? Everyone knows she is the ultimate supreme espouser of useless gibberish and trivia.

Concerning the question about removing Sharpie writing from a '91 Escort -- I was shocked neither of you made mention of the fact that the solvent she mentioned could also dissolve the paint! Not even a suggestion that the owner try the stuff on an inconspicuous spot first! And people believe Martha like she is the supreme know-it-all. The only reason she didn't suggest Brillo and Ajax is that she tried it already!

Guys, I am disappointed in you. I will give you another chance, but please, use some discretion with your guests.

Jay Berkowitz
Port Washington, Long Island, NY


You guys are either REALLY brave or a lot more stupid than I first thought. YOU are funny; she is not! Please spare us in the future.

John Snell


After about 10 minutes of listening to your show, we realized that it wasn't as funny and entertaining as usual and we turned it off. Why? Because Martha Stewart takes herself too seriously and is downright boring. Please get guests with a sense of humor. Thanks.



We've enjoyed Car Talk faithfully for more than three years. How sad we are to realize the first half of today's show is the last we will hear. Having Martha Stewart on the program is something we simply MUST draw the line at. Just for your programming information, she is NOT a "good thing." We'll no longer listen to Car Talk. It's a shame to lose it from our weekend "diet," but that's how strongly we feel about not associating ourselves with ANYTHING Martha Stewart-related.

Kevin and Rebecca Main


Today was the pits. Martha never fully answered any of the questions. In the future please stay with your usual format.

Walt Weber


I heard that you had Martha Stewart as a guest. While I am certain that her publicist told her this was a great idea, a way to remove some of the tarnish of extreme snobbishness from her perfectly coifed head, mistakes were made. First, despite Martha's claim to the contrary, pasta and rice DO NOT kill birds. Unless the poor bird who eats the rice has boiling water in his wee little tummy, the rice (or pasta) will not expand and blow him up. I am sure eight-year-old boys the world over are crushed. Second, aluminum DOES NOT cause Alzheimer's disease. Although this notion was all the rage in the late '80s, when the findings couldn't be duplicated it was found that testing procedures contaminated brain samples with aluminum.

Conclusion? Martha Stewart is an idiot who believes any bit of claptrap she hears! Tell her publicist! And PLEASE stop spreading this cr*p on your show. Your own special brand of cr*p is so much better.

Jane O'Shaughnessy


Who wants to listen to yuppie slime like her? We are very, very upset that you allowed that aloof B**** to be on the show. She is absolute proof that scum always rises to the top. Further, how dare you be so NICE (bordering on respect) to her after she quipped that "you even know the names of the plants." Let this be the end of such nonsense.


Carol and Dave Norwood


She was good, but not in your program. She disturbed the harmony and the flow of the show. Please, please, let her do her own radio program. I hope he she will never show up. Thanks.



Martha slipped up with her comment about the supposed dangers of aluminum as a material for cooking vessels. The connection to the use of aluminum cooking pots was never established, and any health threat has been pretty much discarded. While Martha is a whiz at almost everything, and I enjoy her ability to partake in self-parody, she should learn to keep her irrational, paranoid fear to herself. It would better for everyone if she could focus on something really important, like the danger of a violent psychotic episode after trying to hot-glue dozens of marshmallow peeps to your dog for a festive Easter centerpiece.

Jim Dixon


If my kids hadn't been in the car with me, I would have wept openly! Martha Stewart? C'mon guys! I don't want to accessorize a '63 Valiant. "Gee, Ray, do you think the rust comes in pastel colors?" "Gosh, Tommy, I really don't like the bright blue when the headlights are on bright; let's try something softer." I mean, jeez, have you guys looked in your trousers lately? They sell testosterone supplements at any health food store!! If I want the ubiquitous bleach blonde, all I need to do is check one of the store ads or a Saturday flier in the daily news, or go shop for paint. I've already gathered my kids' "I Make My Kids Listen to Car Talk" T-shirts and burned them in the backyard, and yes, I did use a couple of gallons of gasoline to start the fire. That's what real men do!!

Did the salt water get to your brains as well as your car? Have your floorboards rusted out too? My NPR station personally called every subscriber they have to apologize, and issued an on-air apology for ever having carried your once-enjoyed show.

Did your brains turn to pasta? Did your staff roll over and play dead? Now everyone in the block will have their pastel sheets and towels decoupaged to their car too! I wanted to stop with the windows, but now I'll have to do the painted parts too! Cancel the show and issue an on-air apology, 'cause pledge week is here!!!

Disgustedly yours,

Jim (I don't like M.) Arestad

P.S. What were you guys thinking?

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