Offing Pesky Spouses - Well, Almost

Dear Click and Clack:

Your show almost killed me. Really.

I was listening to your podcast three weeks ago on an extended drive to Virginia. Several Car Talk podcasts into the drive, I fell asleep at the wheel.

I entered the median, and hit a culvert at a cross street. I proceeded to flip end-over then to corner then to rolling side-over-side. I then executed a perfect four-point landing. The firemen that responded gave it a 9.5, 9.0 and one bitter Russian judge ruled an 8.7.

I then unbuckled my seat belt and got out. I was miraculously uninjured. Sort of. I have one scratch, one bruise the size of Rhode Island and one hell of a sore back and neck.

Anyways, my wife thanks you, but says you didn't quite finish the job. I guess that's how you guys work though, isn't it?



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