Curing Insomnia - in Iraq

Dear Click and Clack:

I am currently deployed to the International Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. I recently purchased my first iPod and discovered that I can download your show and other NPR favorites via podcast.

Like many of the men and woman here, I rarely have a full night's sleep. We are often woken by helicopters that fly throughout the night. Hardly a night goes by when the proximity alarm for incoming fire from rockets and mortars does not send us to the duck and cover bunkers. Most of us look like we are in the final stages of sleep deprivation.

I couldn't sleep the other night and decided to listen to your show on my iPod. To my utter astonishment, I fell asleep almost immediately and slept better than I have since I left my family eight months ago. Your show has turned out to be the best cure for insomnia.

I have recommended you two to all my shipmates in hopes that they too can benefit from the medical miracles of your show. As a matter of fact, we are proposing that the coalition begin broadcasting your show throughout Iraq in hopes that the insurgents will fall asleep prior to detonating their vests.


LCDR Trevis L Stamper
United States Navy
Hometown - Keene, Ohio

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