Deterring Alien Invasions

Dear Click and Clack,

I love to listen to your podcast on my computer, while I play my favorite sci-fi online video game. Your ham-fisted antics, knuckle-headed comments and moronic advice help me to ignore the fact that the people I am playing with online are also ham-fisted, knuckle-headed morons. But they don't hold a candle to you!

Thanks for helping me cope with the rampant stupidity that ensues whenever group-thought over the internet forebodes a bleak, ominous future for mankind, by substituting for it the more poignant reason that intelligent life in the universe has thus far been reluctant to contact us lowly inhabitants of Earth. That, of course, is the perfect proof that there is intelligent life in the universe - because it hasn't tried to make contact with us yet!

If anything, I'm sure radio transmissions of your show have deterred many potential alien invasions over the years. And may they save themselves from the inevitable counter-assault on their basic ability to form coherent, intelligible thoughts for many more years to come!



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