Man-Made Objects

The Puzzler

RAY: It was suggested that I use this puzzler, against my judgment, by our esteemed producer Dougie Berman.

TOM: I know which one it is too and I think it's okay.

RAY: Well this was sent to us by Thomas Dobson. I can deduce, I think, from his email address at OHSU - Ohio State University, that is where he is from. I'm just guessing, or it could be Old Honolulu State University. Okay - so here it is without further ado.

TOM: You have all the ado I can muster up.

RAY: Question: what man-made object first broke the sound barrier?

TOM: The real issue is do you give a hint or not. I don't think you should. Was it the plane Chuck Yeager flew?

RAY: No, it was not that, it was prior to that.

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