From the London Daily Telegraph, courtesy of Elizabeth Longo:

A medical professor whose car hit a tree after he suffered a cardiac arrest was brought back to life when the impact of the steering wheel against his chest restarted his heart. Professor Ronald Mann had a heart attack while driving, lost consciousness within seconds, and though his front-seat passenger tried to grab the hand brake, the car crashed into a tree. The impact caused him to jolt forward and hit the steering wheel. It split in two but the blow restarted his heart. The fact that Professor Mann's 10-year-old Honda did not have an airbag also contributed to his survival. Dr. John Morgan, who treated Professor Mann, said, "He is a very lucky chap. ... Hitting the steering wheel brought the heart back into a normal rhythm and shocked it into working again. Had he not hit the steering wheel he would have been dead. We have now implanted a defibrillator that can shock his heart back into normal rhythm again. It is definitely a safer way of doing it than using a steering wheel."


[ As Read on Car Talk]