Life of a Salesman

The Puzzler

RAY: You got to look for all the little hints. It was like 30 years ago.

TOM: Thirty years ago. That would be 1969. Hippies.

RAY: He started working 30...

TOM: War.

RAY: He started working 30 years ago, and he had been working as a salesman continuously.

TOM: Right, so it's in the early '70s.

RAY: In the early '70s, OK. Yeah, there you go. Come on.

TOM: The second floor?

RAY: The second floor. He's a salesman, he drives a lot, he's concerned about getting what now? Come on. Come on, you can do it.

TOM: Gasoline!

RAY: Yeah, he's concerned about getting good what?

TOM: Mileage. Yeah?

RAY: So, he buys himself a Volkswagen. But not just any old Volkswagen. He buys himself the car that gets the best mileage. He buys himself a Volkswagen diesel. Because he's in Moose Jaw, Maine, and Freeze-Your-Butt, New Hampshire, in the wintertime, he's got to plug the thing in overnight. Otherwise, it won't start. The reason they put him on the second floor all the time is so they could see the extension cord that he had run from his motel room to his car, and they would unplug it on him in the middle of the night. So, if you were a salesperson plying your trade at that time, you often got unplugged.

TOM: That would be about the worst answer I've...I mean, that was impossible to figure out!

RAY: All the hints were there! Starting selling nuts and bolts 30 years ago. Cold part of the country.

TOM: Hints? You call those hints?

RAY: Well, I had to obfuscate and, you know?

TOM: You call those hints?

RAY: Well, I got it.

TOM: Oh, brother! That's beautiful. Even though we didn't have any winners, we had to choose.

RAY: We did have a winner this week.

TOM: Only because we chose from among all the losers.

RAY: Well, this was the guy that actually was the salesman.

TOM: That's how he did it. Oh, he's the guy who was telling the story?

RAY: The guy that told me, yeah.

TOM: He's the only one who knew the answer, and his name is Scott Kunsel. He's from Crete.

RAY: Nebraska!

TOM: Oh, Crete, Nebraska.

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