Lexus GS 450H (2013)

  • Pro List Icon Pros
  • This is a sweet car. It’s luxurious, comfortable and very quiet—at least for the driver and his or her passenger.
  • Good mileage results—we were getting around 35 MPG, even with the car tuned for performance rather than maximum fuel economy.
  • If you’re into luxury and want to send a message that you care about the environment, but don’t want to give up a damned thing, well then…. this is the car for you.
  • Hybrid technology is always a pro in our opinion, but the implementation in this case is a bit of a con. (Details below.) Engine start/stop technology is probably the most useful aspect of the hybrid engine, and definitely improves the MPG in city driving.
  • Handling, suspension are perfect. Nonpareil--and for that kind of money, you should expect nothing less.
  • Con List IconCons
  • The $69,000 price tag. We figure $55,000 for the basic GS, and another $14,000 so you can park in the Whole Foods lot without having to hide your face when you walk by the Prius owners.
  • The hybrid is tuned to provide greater performance at the expense of fuel economy. We prefer greater fuel economy along with acceptable acceleration, rather than ridiculous acceleration and only good fuel economy.
  • Back seat room was not given high priority. It can seat three, but not particularly comfortably. We’d consider this car a four-seater, rather than a five-seater, for any trips more than a few miles.

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