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Today: No Fire, No Problem?


After two hours on the highway, the floor and underside of the middle seat are hot to the touch in Beth's Honda Odyssey. Her mechanic says as long as nothing is glowing there's no problem. Tom and Ray disagree and think Beth's right to be worried. Read their theories on what's going on, right here. 


Ford Rolls Out Aluminum-Bodied F-150


The F-150 has been the bestselling vehicle in the U.S. for 32 years, so cutting 700 pounds of dead weight out of it is a really big deal. Couple it with an EcoBoost engine, and 30 mpg could be the result.


Chevy's Detroit Balance: Green Cars and 620-Horsepower 'Vettes


Volt versus 'Vette: Chevrolet's Corvette Z06 will grab the headlines at Detroit's auto show next week, but did you know that Chevy actually sold more Volts in 2013? In trying to save weight and increase fuel economy, rip-roaring performance cars and plug-in hybrids actually have more in common than you'd think.


Idling is for Inconsiderate Knuckleheads


John manages an RV park and he wonders why his guests run their engines for 30 minutes before they roll out each morning. Tom has a few choice words for these folks (see above). And Ray explains why this is not only unnecessary, it can actually cause damage to the engines of the RVs.


Elio's $6,800 Car Edges Closer to Production


Would you drive a three-wheeled car? You're about to get the chance. The Elio is coming to a dealer near you -- and for only $6,800, to boot. Here's the low down.


Big or Little? Which Wheels Better for New Pickup?


Stewart's buying a new Ram Laramie and has to choose between 20" and 17" wheels. He wants whichever will give him the best mileage as he tows a 7500 pound trailer. And whichever will be easiest for his wife and dog (who both have short legs) to get in and out of. Find out what Tom and Ray recommend, right here. 


Cars and Cold Snaps: FAQs


In honor of  the polar vortex, we’ve compiled some of Tom and Ray’s wisdom on the subject of getting your car started and keeping it going on frigid mornings


Audi and Google: High-Tech Collaboration in the Car


Your next car might include Apple, Android and Microsoft in the dash. Here's a look at what's coming.


Today: How to Replace Battery in Key Remote


The battery is dead in DeWayne's key remote and he wants to replace it himself. Can he do this without messing up the programming? Tom and Ray say while some people have to go to the dealer for this type of thing,(for example, Ray, after he took his key remote for a nice swim in the Atlantic last summer), DeWayne can definitely do this himself. Step-by-step instructions, right here. 


Surprise: Broken Timing Belt


Joanna's water pump froze and caused her timing belt to break, which in turn caused her to spend a whole lot of money to get it fixed. She wants to know how she can prevent something like this from happening again. Tom and Ray say her best bet is to make sure to get regular, routine maintenance work done by a trustworthy mechanic. Find out why this is important, right here. 



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