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Electric Shoot-Out: BMW vs. Mercedes


Mercedes-Benz has quietly prepared a BMW i3 fighter in the new B-Class Electric Drive, which will be fast, practical and on sale in the spring. "It will be at least as competitive as our competitors' models," says the company's R&D chief.


The Flying Car Tries Crowdfunding


Terrafugia has signed on with equity crowdfunder Wefunder. The offering is hugely popular, but so far it's making peanuts. Regular investors like you and me can't get into the game yet, but it's coming.


Preparing for Winter: Snow Tires for Sandrine


Sandrine wants to get snow tires for her recently purchased Hyundai Elantra, but she's getting conflicting advice about how many tires she needs, and whether she should get them at all. Tom and Ray explain that while two used to be the norm, getting snow tires for all four wheels is now a better bet. More about how snow tires have improved and what it means for Sandrine, right here. 


Is Cadillac's Near-Volt, the ELR, Worth $76,000?


General Motors needs to recoup some investment from its $1.2 billion plug-in hybrid, and that's why an upscale Cadillac version that doesn't cost a whole lot to build makes some sense. But will people buy it?


Today: Dennis's Turn Signals Won't Cooperate


Dennis's turn signals have gone haywire. They blink and flash like shorted-out Christmas lights. Tom and Ray say that's good news--all those pretty, twinkly lights flashing should distract Dennis from the bad news they have to give him. How bad is the news? For most cars, this would be a $25 fix, but unfortunately for Dennis, his particular model uses a $700 part. Find out if he has any cheaper options, right here. 


Caption Contest: Dogs in an RV


We asked you to come up with a caption for these road-tripping dogs and you offered up with some real gems. But which one takes the steak? Vote now for your favorite. 


Mullholland Menace


Motorcycles by Harley and BMW may turn some heads on Mullholland Highway, but it takes a special two-wheeler to catch the attention of the CHP while exceeding the speed limit by just 7 mph.


Ugly by Accident: The Winner Is . . .


You sent us your nominations for the ugliest cars on the road. Then we put it to a vote. So...which car is the ugliest of all? Take a look!


Today: Should Michelle Cancel the Wedding?


Michelle's fiancé is a perfect guy except for one annoying habit. He doesn't remember to put the car in park before turning off the engine. Michelle worries this damages the car and she wants Tom and Ray to talk some sense into her man. Will Tom and Ray side with Michelle on this? Find out what they say, right here. 


All Aboard the Wagon Train


Has Volvo taken the advice of Jamie Kitman? At long last, the return of the wagon to U.S. shores is nigh.



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