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Cars and Cold Snaps: FAQs


In honor of  the polar vortex, we’ve compiled some of Tom and Ray’s wisdom on the subject of getting your car started and keeping it going on frigid mornings


Audi and Google: High-Tech Collaboration in the Car


Your next car might include Apple, Android and Microsoft in the dash. Here's a look at what's coming.


Today: How to Replace Battery in Key Remote


The battery is dead in DeWayne's key remote and he wants to replace it himself. Can he do this without messing up the programming? Tom and Ray say while some people have to go to the dealer for this type of thing,(for example, Ray, after he took his key remote for a nice swim in the Atlantic last summer), DeWayne can definitely do this himself. Step-by-step instructions, right here. 


Surprise: Broken Timing Belt


Joanna's water pump froze and caused her timing belt to break, which in turn caused her to spend a whole lot of money to get it fixed. She wants to know how she can prevent something like this from happening again. Tom and Ray say her best bet is to make sure to get regular, routine maintenance work done by a trustworthy mechanic. Find out why this is important, right here. 


Five Big Auto-Centric Trends for 2014


The auto industry will continue its greening trend in the new year, but expect other surprises.


Futurist's New Year's Prediction: Gas Cars Will "Decline Massively" in 2016


Electric cars definitely are a "disruptive technology," but plugging-in cars will take a while. How long did it take to put horses out to pasture?


Clock is Cheap: Jeep Liberty Losing Time


Atom's Jeep Liberty is losing time and he's worried that it might be a sign of a bigger problem with the vehicle. Tom and Ray say it's a sure sign of a bigger problem--Chrysler used cheap parts. Atom's best solution is an oldie, but a goodie. Find out what they recommend, right here. 


Today: Still Not OK to Overuse the Clutch.


Joe's a self-proclaimed old-timer who's driven manuals his whole life, always taking care never to keep the clutch depressed at stoplights. Now he has a newish Mini Cooper and he's wondering if the wisdom is still true. Tom and Ray say nothing's changed and he should keep up the good work. Find out how this will prolong the life of both the clutch and the release bearing, right here. 


5 Oddball Car Moments in 2013


If 2013 was this weird, what should we expect from 2014?


Ten of the Best


From Tesla to Caterman, Jamie Kitman lists his top ten cars of 2013 - plus a bonus car.



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