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Today: Still Not OK to Overuse the Clutch.


Joe's a self-proclaimed old-timer who's driven manuals his whole life, always taking care never to keep the clutch depressed at stoplights. Now he has a newish Mini Cooper and he's wondering if the wisdom is still true. Tom and Ray say nothing's changed and he should keep up the good work. Find out how this will prolong the life of both the clutch and the release bearing, right here. 


5 Oddball Car Moments in 2013


If 2013 was this weird, what should we expect from 2014?


Ten of the Best


From Tesla to Caterman, Jamie Kitman lists his top ten cars of 2013 - plus a bonus car.


Today: The Leaky Ford F-150


Deb's back window is leaking and she wonders if she can replace it on the cheap from junkyard parts. Tom and Ray think her window is probably fine--it's the weatherstripping that needs to go. Find out why weatherstripping should always be new, and why Tom and Ray say it's dangerous to park a 15 year old car at a junkyard, right here. 


Snow Patrol: All-Wheel Drive Won't Help Without Winter-Friendly Tires


My 2014 BMW has AWD and traction control, but it slipped all over the road during the recent winter storm. Why? Blame the performance tires.


Something We Think is Pretty Cool


New bike helmets that keep you safe without messing up your stylish locks.


The Twelve Days of Christmas


Move over Lords-a-Leaping, it's the Twelve Days of Christmas, Car Talk style and Tom and Ray have taken over the gift giving. What do they have in store for you today? Find out right here!


Today: Save Our Skoda


Kunaal loves his 2011 Skoda Fabia and wants it to last forever, so he takes care to always warm up the car before he drives and he never runs the AC during the first few minutes of the trip. Tom and Ray think this is unnesessary for someone who lives in Mumbai, unless temperatures drop to well below which case Kunaal will have much bigger problems. Find out why, right here. 


Why Car Shows Are Weird


Hint: It might have something to do with monkeys, the next Sandra Bullock and/or German drywallers.


Think Smaller: Driving the XL1


When Dr. Ferdinand Piëch says, "Jump", VW asks, "How high?" The result: A car that is capable of driving 100 km on 1 liter of fuel...and then some.



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