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Today: Death by Lint?


Tom and Ray hear from Joan who wonders if there's a particular type of towel she should be using to clean the dipstick when she checks her oil. Can lint make its way into the engine and cause damage? Find out why Joan doesn't need to worry, right here. 


Driving the High-End Auction Cars


Recent prices are going nuts, with a Ferrari Spider fetching $27.5 million--the most ever paid for a road car at auction. The upcoming Dragone event will test the market for top-end collector cars.


Winter Driving Tips. From Mars.


That time of year again, time to prepare your car for . . . Martian winter?


Today: Nervous About Recall Warning


Tom and Ray counsel a nervous Honda Fit owner who's been advised not to park his car in the garage until a fire-causing defect is repaired. How worried should he be? Tom and Ray say it's possible he can ignore the warnin. For example, if he's been wanting an excuse to remodel his garage...


Electric Cars on the Move: The View From Europe


The big EVS 27 offers a very encouraging vision of an electric car movement getting traction and establishing a real global presence.


Join the Car Talk Lackey Army!


Car Talk is looking for a new intern. Think you've got what it takes? Are you self-motivated? Funny? Ready to torpedo your chances at corporate success? Click through! 


Did Tony Buy the Right Spark Plugs?


Tony bought new spark plugs for his 2002 Dodge truck from an online store. Now he's worried he chose the wrong kind. Tom and Ray could set his mind at ease, but first they decide to chronicle the entire history of spark plug design. Read all about it. 


Norway Is Electric Car Heaven


Norway, yes Norway, is where they're lining up to buy electric cars. The Nissan Leaf is the number one bestselling car in the country. The subsidies are huge, but there's more to it. This is a country in love with zero emission.


Best Way to Loosen Stuck Lug Nuts?


Nick's newish Camry is great except for one problem--he can't remove the wheels when he needs to swap in his snow tires. The dealership was able to help him out (with sledgehammers). The service manager says Nick can loosen the lug nuts just a bit and then drive a short distance, and the wheels will come loose on their own. Can this possibly be good advice? Tom and Ray offer some clarification, right here. 


A Zero Emission Fuel-Cell Future....For Japan


Thanks to government subsidies, Japan has put 40,000 residential fuel cells into Tokyo-area homes in the past few years, and now it's poised to add hydrogen cars, too.



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