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American Car Fleet Hits a Record 252 Million


We're keeping cars longer, and buying a lot of new ones. It's a formula for crowded roads.


Husband to Blame for Bad Gas Mileage?


Lois's husband gets terrible gas mileage when he drives, and Lois wants Tom and Ray to explain why. Her theory: That her husband's jackrabbit starts at lights are causing the drop in MPG. Whose side will Tom and Ray take? Find out here. 


Today: Are Honda Brand Fluids Really Necessary?


Stan's owners' manual insists that he use exclusively Honda fluids in his 2010 CR-V. Is there any truth to this claim, or is Honda just trying to send a couple of extra bucks to their dealerships? Tom and Ray's answer, right here. 


All Aboard! Reno's Electric Shuttle Bus (Tomorrow's Answer Today)


Reno operates a 25-cent downtown loop, joining cities like Louisville, Stockton, Worcester and San Antonio in advocating plug-in corridors. Bus maker Proterra points to its forthcoming "Telsa Model S of buses" as evidence that its going to conquer the world sooner rather than later.


Ready, Set, Innovate: The College Car Challenge That Leads to a Job


Fifteen colleges compete to build a better plug-in hybrid, and auto companies--from GM to Tesla--are hiring the seasoned veterans.


National Doughnut Day: Name That Doughnut


Is it a Tractor Wheel? Is it a Cruller? Terry from WV wants to get to the bottom of an important question about doughnuts and we need your help. 


Phil vs. Wife: Who's Right About ABS?


Phil wants Tom and Ray to weigh in on a difference of opinion between himself and his wife. Tom says you're not supposed to pump the brakes when you have an anti-lock braking system, but his wife says she heard on MythBusters that it's safe. Find out how anti-lock braking systems work, right here. 


Today: The Broken Trunk Latch


Eric's brother can't get the trunk on his 2007 Toyota Corolla to open. They've tried opening it from the inside, but to no avail. Tom and Ray say they might have been missing two key elements for successful car repair. Find out what those are, and what Eric should do next, right here.


Way, Way Back: The '60s Through the Back of a Station Wagon


The sight of a tri-colored Buick Caballero kid hauler sends the author back in time, like Proust's madeleines. The 50s and 60s were all about wood-paneled wagons for Americansof a certain age. 


Dart vs. Dart: Our '63 Dodge Against a '14 GT


The 1963 Dodge Dart is an iconic vehicle at the Car Talk garage, so how does it stack up against the modern competition?



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