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The High Cost of Owning a Car (Any Car, But Especially an SUV)


It costs far, far more than you think to own a car. Most people just think of purchase price and gas, but don't forget all the hidden costs. A new AAA report crunches the numbers.


Today: Truck Won't Start on Damp Days


Bob had a water pump failure on his 2001 Dakota and ever since, the truck won't start on damp days. Tom and Ray say he can solve his problem, easy! Just move to a drier climate. Death Valley perhaps? Read the rest of their advice, right here.


Pothole Season: Where Does the Pavement Go?


In honor of pothole season, we're sharing one of our favorite calls from Sara, who asks: What happens to all the asphalt? 


Which State Has the Worst Potholes?


It's pothole season. Think you've got it bad? We heard from fans all over the country who claim there state has the worst potholes. Vote here to settle this question once and for all. 


Pothole FAQ: All About Those Big Holes in the Road


What causes potholes? Which states have the biggest? And do I have any recourse if my car gets damaged? Good luck with that last one. Everything you've ever wanted to know about potholes, this way. 


Total Recall: GM Bites the Bullet


"Unmitigated crap cans from the day they left the factories... these flawed, uncompetitive machines bespoke GM’s utter indifference to cars as it chased rich SUV profits..."


Carstaches: Tom Selleck vs. John Waters


Today: Tom and Ray counsel Nathan who is just a bit concerned that his "carstache" might be blocking the external temperature sensor on his 2007 Dodge Calibur. Tom and Ray say the external sensor isn't a big deal, but he should be a little concerned about blocking the radiator. How he can check, plus a discussion of the ideal mustache for a car, this way. 


What's Next After the Car?


We're still working on those crazy Popular Science ideas from the 1950s--flying cars, anti-gravity belts, jet packs, but at least the Hyperloop is new. We may be stuck with automobiles for a while.


Hell Hole


A rip in the very fabric of space and time? One need look no further than rural Vermont roads for terra firma's own version of a black hole.


Today: Will Leaking Axle Clamps Cause Problems?


Karen's oil change guys say the axle clamps are leaking on her Subaru Outback. The dealership says it's not a big deal. Who should Karen believe? Tom and Ray say her dealership sounds lazy...but that doesn't mean that they're wrong! Read their advice to Karen, right here. 



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