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By 2035 Most Cars Will Drive Themselves, and by 2040 Forget About a Driver's License


Automakers talk about 2020, but that's just an interim date--the car might take over sometimes, but you'll still be sitting in the driver's seat, paying attention. Fifteen years later, now we're talking about sitting in the back with your iPad.


Tom and Ray Saved the Day!


Tom and Ray saved the day. At least once. . . and it was twenty years ago. But hey, with our track record, that's reason enough to celebrate! 


The Incredible Shrinking Sidewalls


Arlon has driven Lincoln Navigators for years and he has noticed a trend: The wheels are getting bigger and the sidewalls are getting smaller. Since this makes the ride worse, he wants to know what gives. Tom and Ray explain why you can get away with this on a Navigator, but shouldn't risk it with a smaller car.


Does Joseph's Prius Need a Mechanic? Or a Therapist?


Joseph's 2013 Prius had an unusual problem. Then it had another. And another. Weeks and many problems later, his mechanci said the car's computer was "talking to itself." Just how complicated are these cars, anyway? Tom and Ray have good news and bad news for Jospeh. Read it here. 


Bill Ford: You May Be Buying Your Last Car


Ford's executive chairman sees tomorrow's carmakers as "personal mobility companies." You might buy auto access, not the car itself, and who knows, maybe the vehicle will drive itself. 


Nissan Leaf Charging: It's Free!


More stations at work and shopping centers means that half of all Leaf charging is public now, confounding the predictions. Jim Motavalli has the latest on free, public EV charging networks. 


What Car Should Steve Lease?


Steve is hoping to lease a car that will forgive him for not starting it very often. He's looking at the Mercedes-Benz S65, Bentley Flying Spur or Audi S8. Can Tom and Ray recommend something that will start up after weeks of inactivity, after three weeks of say, glamping in Botswana? 


Slow Summer Sales for Convertibles


All but two of the Top Ten cars stuck on dealer lots this month are convertibles or coupes. What's it say? My guess is that the summer-car buying season is over.


The 5 Greatest Classic Car Radio Songs


Back in the day, chart-toppers had to make it through the static and terrible sound of AM radio.


Today: Where's the Leak?


Matthew's '92 Honda Civic is leaking fluids. His grandfather, who gave him the car, has already had the clutch master and slave cylinders replaced, and has enlisted Tom and Ray to help him find this leak. Find out what they recommend, right here. 



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