Those men's laughs hurt my ears. - Becky



Thanks to you guys, my dad manages to keep our two-year-old, rust-bucket van running. I am afraid that not only will he make me learn to drive in it, but he will give it to me as my first car! So, KNOCK IT OFF you guys, and maybe that thing will die soon. - Fran

P.S. Is my dad the only one that takes notes listening to your show, or are all your listeners that crazy?



My dad earnestly believes that because, after twelve years, he sometimes knows what you guys talk about, his life's calling is to be a mechanic.

Now, he offers his mechanical services to everyone on the street. They promptly call the cops, thinking he's a psycho. Thanks to Car Talk, my father is going to the loony bin. - P. Chakravarthy



When your stupid show is on, I beg my parents to strap me to the roof, but they just smile evilly. - Esther

P.S. I hate cars and would rather travel by llama.



My dad is convinced that listening to Car Talk EVERY Saturday is a MUST! Don't you think a 13-year-old should sleep-in on Saturdays? But, OH NO! There's your laugh promptly waking me up at 9 am!

And another thing: why does anyone need to know about other people's car problems? I could care less if someone's '97 Toyota Camry is making a funny sound everytime they turn left! I don't even have a car! And I won't even consider inviting friends over on Saturdays. It's too embarrassing. - Michelle

P.S. You make my ears bleed!



You're the scum between my toes! - Nic

P.S. I stole that from The Little Rascals.



Everything about that program irritates me. I can't stand the hyena laughs of those two crazy men, the howdy-doody music, or the fact that all they talk about is stupid automobiles.

Every Saturday morning at 9 am, my dad blasts Car Talk all over our house on the intercom system. I think I'm going deaf. If I crunch my cereal too loud or talk to my mother I get yelled at.

He always wants me to try to solve the puzzlers too. How annoying.

The worst are vacations. We are all crammed in the car and dad insists on tuning in. Yuk!

Lastly, and most horrid is that he tapes every episode and listens to the repeats on Sundays. He has his own headphones, yet he insists on playing it in the house. We are tortured every week. Oh, and he won't even spend money on heating our house, yet he donates dollars to Car Talk. We freeze as he enjoys. I can't imagine a worse torture. - Levi

P.S. If you think any of this is fiction, call my mother.



WHO CARES about other people's car problems? I know my sister and I don't. Plus Click and Clack have the MOST annoying voices in the world!

If people really needed help with their car then yeah, you can call but don't put it on the radio. - Kelsey

P.S. I am so excited you gave me this opportunity.



I hate Car Talk because...

  1. Your show is boring.
  2. You need better jokes.
  3. You need to get smarter, especially in the mathematics department. Your mathematical puzzlers are soooo easy. I am nine years old and I can figure them out!
  4. You need new stories because if somebody buys "Once Upon a Car Fire," they will know all your boring stories.

- Madeleine



I'm James, I'm four and I hate Car Talk!

Train talk would be cool, because trains are long and fast and you don't have to sit in a stupid car seat. A car seat - that's where I suffer while my parents listen to your boring show.

Worst of all, if we happen to arrive at wherever we want to go before you two are through, they either circle the block or sit in the car until you tell them not to drive like your brother. - James

P.S. I NEVER drive like my brother. He's only one! Duh!



I can't stress enough how much I hate your show. When you guys laugh, it hurts MY throat! I can't stand it! I laugh when you have people reappear on your show and say that your advice didn't work. - Katie



It's 10:00 am, Saturday: Judgment Day. My dad glances at the clock and gets this smirk on his face as he reaches for the radio dial. Panic rises in my throat and I begin to clutch my ears, but it's too late. The car echoes with Boston accents and mechanic's lingo.

This is just an average weekend morning in the Walt Family Mini-Van: scenic routes, curvy roads, and two unwelcome guests.

When Car Talk comes on, it must be silent. No exceptions. It really causes emotional damage when two brothers named "Click" and "Clack" are more important to your parents than you.


So, do I have a reason to hate Car Talk? I have about 60 reasons, one for every minute my parents' ears are attached to the radio. I guess I'll just have to live with it. I don't really need my parents' love, attention, and sparkling conversation on Saturday morning. There's always therapy. - Taylor



Why I Hate Car Talk

  1. Dad ignores me when your show is on.
  2. You guys laugh like the Lowland Gorillas I saw at the zoo.
  3. When your show is on, I realize you have wasted another hour of my childhood.

With no love,

- Holland

P.S. My twin sister thinks you stink.