Karl Rufener

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chemical Engineer

1998 Chevy Blazer

Tell us about your car:
It was a workhorse and it was dependable. But it had seen better days. It had close to 130K, it was on its third transmission and a couple of deer had left dents in the hood. But it got me where I wanted to go. It was great for hauling the dogs around. I've got two Newfoundlands and they fit really well in the back. They loved the Blazer.

Why I donated:
I needed a newer vehicle and a friend was selling a 2001 Mercedes 320 so I bought that. I listen to NPR so I thought why not donate to help a good cause. But honestly, I miss the Blazer. I'm 6' 8" and I fit better in the Blazer. I have to try on cars like other people try on clothes. I've driven cars in the past where I'd have to have the sunroof open to fit in it.

NPR Station:
WHYY in Philadelphia.

Favorite NPR Shows:
Morning Edition and Car Talk.

Excuse for listening to Car Talk:
It's fun! It's on when I'm taking the dogs to the park. I've found some of the tips very useful. Once Tom and Ray had a caller with a VW and the problem was similar to a problem my wife was having on her Passat. Turns out, their advice fixed my wife's car, too. I looked like a genius!

Biggest surprise about the donation process:
It was easier than I'd thought it would be. It was slick that I could do it all online. I left the keys in the car and they came and picked it up. It was that simple.

What's your new car?
A 2001 Mercedes 320.

Once the deer "mark" this car, can we tow it away for you, too?
Sure, once it becomes as gorgeous and sleek as the Blazer, it's all yours, guys. I tend to hold onto things until they are dead. But I would donate a car again. Just, hopefully, not anytime soon!