Job Interview Tiebreak

The Puzzler

TOM: I know how he knows.

RAY: Go ahead, man.

TOM: No one will be at a disadvantage.

RAY: Exactly.

TOM: And if any of the hats was white, then somebody would be at a disadvantage, the guy --

RAY: The guy wearing --

TOM: -- with the white hat.

RAY: -- the white hat because he would look at two black hats.

TOM: And they wouldn't. The other two guys would be seeing a white and a black and they would immediately know.

RAY: Exactly. So --

TOM: And so, if no one is going to be at a disadvantage, all the hats have to be black.

RAY: Ex --

TOM: So do you --

RAY: And before the blindfold was put on --

TOM: Exactly. They should have known the answer when he was explaining it. Someone should have then said --

RAY: Well, the truth is --

TOM: -- I know.

RAY: -- none of those knuckleheads got the job because that's exactly right.

TOM: Yeah. They were all too slow.

RAY: All dopes. Anyway --

TOM: All dopes.

RAY: -- do we have a winner?

TOM: You bet we do. The winner is Rob Nevins from Alleria, Ohio.

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