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TOM: We know you want us to believe that this took place around 1950.

RAY: Right, and nothing works out if you do that. But it works out if it was 1850. There were two Johnsons sworn in after assassinations. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in, naturally, when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 -- but when Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson was sworn in. And that's the period of time that we're interested in.

He was born in the midpoint of the century, born in 1850 and died before 1900, and the reason he was born in the same house that he died in, and it was in two different states, is that Virginia became two states. Virginia became Virginia and West Virginia, and his house, even though it was never moved, wound up in West Virginia.

TOM: So he was born in Virginia and died in West Virginia. We got a winner, and his name is Ralph Sutter, from Pahrump, Nevada.

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