Bob Lutz Slams Tesla, But Is He Just Jealous?


GM's former iconoclast (no, not John DeLorean) predicts doom for Tesla Motors, but maybe that's just because he never got the reins of an automaker.


The All-American Camaro, Made in Canada


Yes, indeed, though production is finally shifting to Michigan. And Fords are made in Mexico, VWs in Tennessee, Mercedes-Benzes in Alabama and Hondas in Ohio. Automakers are global, and when it comes to manufacturing, what matters is not where but "how well?"


Rust Never Sleeps (But Scientists Are Trying to Put it in a Coma)


The Rust Belt used to be plagued by car corrosion so bad that new pickups were full of holes in a few years. Now it's better, and researchers have come up with rust-eating beads that stop auto cancer in its tracks.


It's Back to the Future Time, and the DeLorean Is Back (and Plugged In)


Doc Brown set his Flux Capacitor to October 21, 2015, and that's exactly when a determined team at Queen's College in Belfast (where the original car was built) will unveil an electric DeLorean.


2016 Green Car of the Year: No Diesels or Electrics, Please


A certain manufacturer in the news influenced the list, but there are still other strong and very interesting contenders for Green Car of the Year. Check 'em out!


Americans Defer Car Repairs Big Time (Especially if They Don't Trust Their Mechanics)


Thirty five percent of us put off auto maintenance until tomorrow, even though it ends up costing more in the end. It helps if you trust your local dealer or garage.


They Won't Let Me Drive... And I'm Going Nuts!


A mere trifle called a total knee replacement has kept me off the road--for the first time since I was 16.


Meet America's Grid-Neutral Honda Dealer


Honda's cars are fuel-efficient, but the company also shines behind the scenes with energy-efficient dealerships, huge solar arrays, wind turbines and a no-waste paint process.


Liftoff! Tesla Debuts its $132,000 Model X (With Bio-Hazard Protection)


It was a typical Tesla launch--an hour late, but plenty of spectacular features, from a big windshield and a phone holster to those amazing doors. It's only later that you scratch your head over the price and the long delay getting to market.


VW Diesel Owners: Here's What We Know


The Volkswagen emissions scandal is stunning in scope, but has plenty of precedent. How did they think they were going to get away with it this time?


From Frankfurt's Motor Show: Electric Cars and Luxury SUVs


Nearly one has an upscale sport utility, and an EV, too. Sometimes they're even the same car.


Who Was the First Person Arrested for Drunk Driving?


The hapless London cabbie was driving an electric car when he crashed into a wall, earning a 20 shillings fine.


Toyota Rolls the Dice: Previewing the Prius in Las Vegas


The 2016 Prius makes its debut at a Sin City casino. 55 mpg? Probably. And the Eco model is a wild card.


The Big Gamble: Supercars Without Track Records


Juan Gallegos is the CEO of a company that makes $200,000 supercars. But before he can sell you one he has to graduate from college. Exotics are great if you don't want to see your car coming and going, but are they a good buy?


Not in Love: Americans Losing Their Passion for Cars


Auto culture is on the decline, says a Washington Post columnist. The heads at car shows are gray, he says, and the high school parking lot is no longer a showcase for hot rods and the customizer's art.