Winter Arrives: A History of Snow Plows, Winter Tires, and More


January is blowing a wintry blast across America, and it's time to think about snow removal--and driving on safe tires.


In Detroit, Electric Cars on the Turntables--Whether the Public Wants Them or Not


One in three new car sales is now an SUV, but it was plugs that dominated in Detroit. Why, if the public is looking elsewhere? Well, there's a little thing called CAFE, and it means that automakers have to reach 54.5 mpg by 2025. That means electrics and plug-in hybrids.


Future of Driving? The Folks at CES Think They Know.


Portable breathalyzers, back-up cameras and autonomous features from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show. 


At CES, Fast Cars with Monster Stereos


The Consumer Electronics Show is a feast for the eyes and ears, featuring cutting-edge gadgets, some of which you actually need.


At CES, Future Visions from Bosch, Faraday and Ford


A plug-in Batmobile--with no room for Robin--from the upstart Tesla challenger. And from Ford? Alliances and a bid for part of the $5.4 trill.  


If People Buy Tiny Houses, Will They Also Buy Tiny Cars? Futurist Trends for 2016.


The 2016 Ford Trends Report is out, and it says we're very optimistic consumers these days. It also has predictions about self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, zero waste and more.


Colorado's Great EV Deal: A $10K Leaf and Plug-In Pale Ale


Fort Collins, Colorado and Orlando, Florida are "deployment communities" for electric cars, and that includes lots of public charging, EV rental cars, and cheap deals. How does a $24,000 BMW i3 sound?


Big Cat Roars: Through Arizona in the Jaguar XF


The XF is intended as a core vehicle in Jaguar's sedan lineup. It has BMW in its sights


One More Time, the Return of VW's Microbus


An electric Microbus-like concept vehicle will be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas next month, and some think it could turn into a full-fledged production vehicle, in multiple versions. But it may not be a minivan, and it might not happen at all.  


Time for Tougher Car Safety Ratings


The federal safety agency is making much-needed reforms to the rating system. Too many cars were getting five stars, and an update was badly needed.


It's a Long Story: Buick's First U.S. Sales of a Chinese Car


The last emperor of China drove a Buick, as did Sun Yat-sen and the man who partnered with Richard Nixon to open China to the West. In 1930, one in six cars in Shanghai was a Buick. Is it surprising that it's a big brand there now? Now GM is planning a Chinese-made Envision for the American market.


"Bikes vs. Cars": A Film That Fights the Tyranny of the Tailpipe


In Toronto, a biker or pedestrian is hit in traffic every three hours; someone is killed every seven hours. Los Angeles and São Paulo, Brazil are no better, but Copenhagen is paradise for two wheelers, the new movie says.


A Short History of the Taxi


Learn why taxis are yellow, why they're called "hacks," and why electric versions once ruled the roads. And who remembers the sedan chair?


Are Luxury Drivers the Biggest Jerks on the Road?


The public perceives that German and other high-end car owners act like selfish morons behind the wheel. And a University of California report backs up that impression.


Columbo's Car: It was a Rare (and Ratty) 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet


Poor Lieutenant Columbo took a lot of grief over his ill-painted convertible, but at least he got to keep his car--the Ferrari-driving murderers were hauled off to jail without their keys.