"Bikes vs. Cars": A Film That Fights the Tyranny of the Tailpipe


In Toronto, a biker or pedestrian is hit in traffic every three hours; someone is killed every seven hours. Los Angeles and São Paulo, Brazil are no better, but Copenhagen is paradise for two wheelers, the new movie says.


A Short History of the Taxi


Learn why taxis are yellow, why they're called "hacks," and why electric versions once ruled the roads. And who remembers the sedan chair?


Are Luxury Drivers the Biggest Jerks on the Road?


The public perceives that German and other high-end car owners act like selfish morons behind the wheel. And a University of California report backs up that impression.


Columbo's Car: It was a Rare (and Ratty) 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet


Poor Lieutenant Columbo took a lot of grief over his ill-painted convertible, but at least he got to keep his car--the Ferrari-driving murderers were hauled off to jail without their keys.


Turning the Electric Corner at the LA Auto Show


Plenty of SUVs debuted in LA, but the subtext was a big shift to electrics and plug-in hybrids. Audi, for one, says 25 percent of its sales will be electric by 2025.


The 84-mpg, $6,800 Elio Coming to the LA Auto Show--With an Engine!


The tiny two-seat Elio has been running around with a Geo Metro motor, but now it will have its own 0.9-liter, three-cylinder power plant. The Louisiana plant is set to produce cars in late 2016, but it's still tentative.


6 Things Cars Don't Have Any More (Good and Bad)


Remember vent windows? How about sidemount tires, generators, spare tires, bench seats and manual-transmission options. All are as dead as the dodo, for better or for worse.


This Dune Buggy Is Electric, 3-D Printed and Crowd Sourced


Local Motors has the Beach Boys on speed dial with its 3-D Swim, a lightweight carbon-fiber battery car with a built-in surfboard. And, yes, its body is 3-D printed atop a BMW i3 chassis.


Rolling Sculptures: The Keno Brothers' Car Auction


Best known for judging fine American furniture on Antiques Roadshow, the twins are branching out into a lifelong passion--classic automobiles.


Bob Lutz Slams Tesla, But Is He Just Jealous?


GM's former iconoclast (no, not John DeLorean) predicts doom for Tesla Motors, but maybe that's just because he never got the reins of an automaker.


The All-American Camaro, Made in Canada


Yes, indeed, though production is finally shifting to Michigan. And Fords are made in Mexico, VWs in Tennessee, Mercedes-Benzes in Alabama and Hondas in Ohio. Automakers are global, and when it comes to manufacturing, what matters is not where but "how well?"


Rust Never Sleeps (But Scientists Are Trying to Put it in a Coma)


The Rust Belt used to be plagued by car corrosion so bad that new pickups were full of holes in a few years. Now it's better, and researchers have come up with rust-eating beads that stop auto cancer in its tracks.


It's Back to the Future Time, and the DeLorean Is Back (and Plugged In)


Doc Brown set his Flux Capacitor to October 21, 2015, and that's exactly when a determined team at Queen's College in Belfast (where the original car was built) will unveil an electric DeLorean.


2016 Green Car of the Year: No Diesels or Electrics, Please


A certain manufacturer in the news influenced the list, but there are still other strong and very interesting contenders for Green Car of the Year. Check 'em out!


Americans Defer Car Repairs Big Time (Especially if They Don't Trust Their Mechanics)


Thirty five percent of us put off auto maintenance until tomorrow, even though it ends up costing more in the end. It helps if you trust your local dealer or garage.