Hurricane Sandy, Solar Power, and an "Aw Shucks" Moment


Rob and Garrett's 6.5-kilowatt portable solar array--built for a zero emission trip across the U.S.--was in the right place at the right time to turn on the lights and help the relief effort in hard-hit Far Rockaway, Queens.


The Battle Over Biofuels


It's war! Big Oil is bringing out the big guns, lawsuits are flying, and biofuels are under attack as never before. Not all the charges stick.


Winding Down: The Last Days of American Suzuki


What's happening behind the scenes, as Suzuki winds down its business? Jim Motavalli found out.


Crime Watch: Buying Protection with Radar Detectors and LoJack


It's not just phones that have gotten smart. Also showing signs of intelligence are the once humble radar detector and the lojack system that will help you find the laptop you left in your car.


Making the Case for Propane: From Gas Grills to Cars and Trucks


Propane, the same stuff in our gas grills, also powers our cars? Southern cops are saying yes. Propane is an interesting fuel--liquid at near-room temperature, with relatively cheap refueling. The alternative--CNG and LNG--also have a case to make.


All About Algae: Danforth's Quest to Turn Pond Scum Into Gasoline


The Danforth Plant Science Center in Missouri is a cutting-edge lab for developing tomorrow's biofuels.


How Not to Buy a Storm-Damaged Used Car


Vehicles that have been through Hurricane Sandy may look fine, but they're ticking time bombs, waiting to bury you in bills.


My Buick: A Post-Sandy Parable


I did the right thing by my father-in-law's Regal. Now I don't get the insurance payout, but I can sleep at night.


Roadkill: The Tragedy That No One Talks About


It's not immediately clear how many animals die in the U.S. every year from collisions with cars, but it's safe to say that the numbers are in the millions. And aside from a few salamander tunnels, we're not doing much about it.


Cars That Swim: The Cool Story of Amphibious Vehicles in the Marketplace


Michigan's Quadski is the latest attempt to get people to buy water-going cars. Many companies have failed when marketing plans went out to sea, but the Quadski is aimed at off-roaders and it might actually make a splash for a certain type of buyer.


Killer Aps: Plugging Chevy Volts into the Smart Grid


Through the OnStar system, Texas-based Volt owners are doing some really smart smart-grid experiments. Texas, by the way, is quietly taking the lead in electric car ownership and charging.


Tomorrow's Tech Today: Cool Innovations, from Smart Windshield Wipers to Start-Stop


Bosch throws open the lab doors and lets Car Talk see what it's working on. Much of the new stuff is laser-targeted at making cars more fuel efficient, but there's also safety electronics that get us closer to self-driving cars.


Electric Cars By the Numbers


A growing number of attractive models, high gas prices and growing public acceptance led to strong sales numbers for electrics and hybrids in August. And with more cars on the road, we're getting a sense of how people are using them.


My Back Pages: The Worst Cars I've Ever Owned


Jim Motavalli takes a trip down a rust- and black-smoke-filled memory lane. 


Obama's Green Car Plan Is a Job Creator (or Not)


The Obama Administration has finalized its fuel economy plan through 2025, and its supporters say it's a big engine for job growth. Romney disagrees, but he's talking millions of jobs from his drill, drill, drill energy plan. What's going on? A political season with worrisome unemployment figures.