Car Insurance: Are We Getting the Discounts We Deserve?


Drivers who mostly leave their cars in the garage aren't getting low-mileage rate cuts, despite statistics that show how how infrequently they get in accidents. Meanwhile, GM's OnStar teams up with Progressive to offer safe-driving savings... that's not without risks of its own. 


Saying No to Big Oil: Four Bright Ideas Compete for $125,000


Convoying trucks, wirelessly charging electric cars and clean fuel for boats--which one will win the Safe Energy Security Prize? Car Talk wants your vote, too.


Paul Newman's V-8 Volvos: Getting the Groceries in Style


Paul Newman's Volvo station wagons had hot motors from Corvettes, Mustangs and Buick Grand Nationals. And what about that 351-equipped '69 VW Bug?


Waiting for Godot: Three Horror-Filled Hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles


Time stops when you enter the flourescent-lit den of iniquity. The DMV lacks only the whirring fan to be a Third World outpost in our modern society.


A Big Classic Car Weekend--With Lots of Stories to Tell


Hidden in garages and behind stone walls are fabulous million-dollar cars owned by hoarders, and a bunch of recent discoveries will be on display in Connecticut in two weeks.


Will Auto Manufacturers Help Save Cyclists?


Over 700 cyclists died after being hit by cars, according to statistics from the most recent year available. Can we stop the carnage? Some auto companies think they can help. Here's how. 


How's This for Dumb? Leaving Your Keys in the Car.


Car theft is down nationally, but it would be at '60s levels if we'd just stop with this one dope-slap-deserving move.


From Cattle to Cars: Kansas City's Transportation Hub


Ranchers once drove the beef to the rail head in centrally located Kansas City; now it's automakers and their suppliers that reap the benefits of building plants there.


Flying is Better for the Environment Than Driving. Really?


Not only are planes like the 787 more fuel efficient than the gas guzzlers of the past, but airlines are flying them full of people. The car fleet would have to average 45 mpg to equal the carbon footprint of an airplane mile, and its actual performance is far from that.


Will Car Sales Go Online? The Kicking Tires Factor Says Not Yet.


When buying vehicles, women are often disrespected, and everyone gets bamboozled by slick sales tactics and trade-in woes. But people still like to see, touch and drive cars before spending boatloads of money on them.


On Earth Day: Automakers--Except Chrysler--Clap for the Tough Fuel Economy Rules


As Ford, GM, BMW, Audi and others make bets on cars that will ultimately get 54.5 MPG, Fiat-Chrysler--which hasn't-- wants the new federal standards standards rolled back.


Ads on Wheels: Meet the Goldfish Car, the Big Banana and the Kissmobile


The first product-themed vehicles were horsedrawn, and the concept has been going gangbusters ever since. The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and its many imitators are coming soon to a community near you.


For the One-Percenter Who Has Everything. A $2.9 Million McLaren You Can Drive Only on the Track


The bespoke British automaker has a two-tier strategy--million-dollar cars on the top end, and a new 570S whose $184,000 price makes it the "affordable" choice.


3,000 MPG: Student Teams Innovate to Save Fuel at Shell's Eco Marathon


In tiny pods and mock Microbuses with surfboards on the roof, 112 student teams compete in cars they built to be fuel economy champs.


Audi President Scott Keogh on "Piloted Driving"


Audi is moving fast with self-driving cars on the racetrack and the road, and it's introducing that tech on the cars coming next year. But sitting in the back with your cellphone? That's going to take a while.