Hackers Have a New Target: Your Car


Cars today have data ports and event data recorders (black boxes), and they can and are being hacked in a variety of creative ways. Bad guys are rolling back odometers, stealing cars with electronic keys, erasing crash data and more. And wait, it all gets worse when every car has 4G access.


Detroit Auto Show 2014: The View From the Floor


With input from Car Talk listeners, here are some of the highlights of the North American International Auto Show in the Motor City.


Ford Rolls Out Aluminum-Bodied F-150


The F-150 has been the bestselling vehicle in the U.S. for 32 years, so cutting 700 pounds of dead weight out of it is a really big deal. Couple it with an EcoBoost engine, and 30 mpg could be the result.


Chevy's Detroit Balance: Green Cars and 620-Horsepower 'Vettes


Volt versus 'Vette: Chevrolet's Corvette Z06 will grab the headlines at Detroit's auto show next week, but did you know that Chevy actually sold more Volts in 2013?


Elio's $6,800 Car Edges Closer to Production


Would you drive a three-wheeled car? You're about to get the chance. The Elio is coming to a dealer near you -- and for only $6,800, to boot. Here's the low down.


Audi and Google: High-Tech Collaboration in the Car


Your next car might include Apple, Android and Microsoft in the dash. Here's a look at what's coming.