"Little Tokyo": Japanese Honda Familes Adjust to Life in Ohio


Nearly 4,000 Japanese nationals live in Ohio – many working at Honda or the hundreds of suppliers that sell it seats, headlights and other parts. The culture shock might be total, if Columbus didn't work so hard at being neighborly.


Thin Skins in the Classic Car World: Can Irreverence Get You Blacklisted?


Craig  Fitzgerald said what he thought about white-glove concours events, and the backlash was big. Whatever happened to the First Amendment?


Losing Winter: Climate Change Will Hit New England Hard


Skiing and maple syrup production are already hard it by a warming world. Boston University Professor Pam Templer is a modern alchemist — simulating the effects of what happens when it gets even worse. 


On Father's Day: My Dad's Cheap Cars


My father didn't care about keeping up with the Joneses. He went for "practical" economy cars, no matter what I had to say on the matter--and believe me, I had plenty to say.