Honda Cuts the Fit EV Lease Price by $130. What Am I Waiting For?


Honda has leased only 174 Fit EVs to date, so it bit the bullet and cut the lease price to $259 a month. With zero down, a free charger and unlimited miles. It's part of a fire sale going on industry-wide as automakers look to get these babies off the lot. 


Code Breakers: How Access to Mysterious Repair Data Can Help (and Hurt) You


A new Massachusetts law makes arcane repair coding accessible to all, but does it also give car thieves a leg up?


Dropping Wrenches at EcoCAR as the Auto Industry Courts Student Engineers


Students from fifteen universities are in the middle of a three-year green car competition that, win or lose, often leads them to jobs with the Big Three.


Mom's Taxis: Picking a Ride for Mother’s Day


My mom isn't driving anymore, but I see her in...a Hyundai Altima. Here are a few other interesting choices for the mom in your life.


General Motors Affirms that Climate Change Is Real


Until fairly recently, General Motors was a supporter of climate denial groups. But its turnabout, taking on a new role as a fighter for carbon reductions, has been dramatic and real.