Chinese Acquisition of Federally Subsidized A123 Batteries Seems Likely


Supporting the American battery industry against foreign competition makes sense, but here's one $249 million grant that didn't go well. The grants were designed to help U.S. firms be competitive against Asian battery giants, but it's one of the latter that's walking away with A123's assets.


What Americans Want in a New Car: Everything


What do Americans want in a new car in 2013... and what do they say they want? They're not always the same. Jim Motavalli explains.


Detroit 2013: It's Not Always Easy Being Green


Electric cars were in short supply in the Motor City this year, but even the gas guzzlers had green features, and there was plenty of action around the edges.


Automated Cars Are Coming, but in Las Vegas It's Safety First


Automakers love to show off self-driving cars, but few think they'll be on the road in the next 10 years. Instead, the cars--bristling with sensors, cameras and lasers--are rolling test beds for advanced (and lifesaving) safety systems.  


The Highway Death Toll Rises: Here's Why


After many years of declining numbers, fatal accidents are suddenly on the upswing again. Here's why.