Audi’s Audacious Electrics


Audi isn’t just putting an electric car on the road, it’s launching an Urban Future Initiative. Here comes the flood of electrification from an automaker best known for performance cars.


The Sparks Fly


The drag racing is electrifying when the car is the battery-powered White Zombie Datsun 1200, built by John Wayland and his Plasmaboy Crew. If the point was to convince people that EVs aren’t slow, well, the point is made. How about a zero-to-60 of 1.8 seconds and ETs of 10.258 at 123.79 mph?


10 Reasons to Hate the Transportation Bill


Jim Motavalli takes a look at the Republican-sponsored transportation bill, a piece of legislation Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood calls, "the worst transportation bill I’ve ever seen during 35 years of public service."


Two Billion Cars


We’re headed for that kind of bumper-to-bumper world unless we start sharing our cars, encourage mass transit and get out and walk. The “worst transportation bill ever” is not helpful in moving the ball down the road.


Electric Frito and Coca-Cola Trucks: The Bottom Line in Dollars and Cents


A new MIT study says battery vehicles will save companies money over diesels, but with high purchase prices the payback times are still likely to be long. That’s why subsidies—a dirty word since Solyndra—are essential in the early stages of the EV rollout.


Our Fuel-Cell Future


Hydrogen cars are coming by 2015, but in the meantime we already have big zero-emission cells powering businesses—like the Connecticut-based pasta factory I visited last week.