The Big Dog Garage: Inside Jay Leno's Car Collection


There is no more committed "car guy" than Jay Leno, and I was able to stop by the garage for an interview about my new book--and tour the most eclectic, mouth-watering auto assemblage I've ever seen.


Reinventing Fire: Visions for Building a Clean Transportation Grid


Obama's renewable vision is scattered and under attack, and it lacks what they call a "narrative." Both green futurist Jeremy Rifkin and the Rocky Mountain Institute are presenting clean energy frameworks that Obama could embrace.


Wireless Charging: From Tesla to Today's EVs


Several companies are competing to charge electric cars through transmitters buried in garages and parking spaces. If they're right, you will soon be able to charge automatically and hands-free, without plugging into anything.


Forward Thinking: BMW Goes Electric and Ponders the World's Urban Future


The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a traveling think tank designed to produce out-of-the-box thinking about living in tomorrow's megacities. And it also promotes a new wave of electrified BMWs.