Oil Around Us: Energy Pundit Says We're Awash in the Stuff


Daniel Yergin, who set a standard for oil reporting with The Prize, is back with a new book called The Quest, and he says peak oil theory is bunk. But that view is getting challenged.


Concours D'Elegance: High-End Car Shows Weather the Recession


The blue blazer and white-glove auto events in upscale Connecticut can dazzle, even if the owners just write the checks. Auctions are part of the picture, and this year the results were decidedly mixed.


Self-Driving Cars: Look, Ma, No Hands May Be Around the Corner


Audi hosts a forum for futurists who see a self-driving car in your future. The technology (including artificial intelligence software, radar, GPS, and embedded sensors) is there, but liability questions still loom large.


Weird But True Facts About Fuel Economy


You've heard it all before--inflate your tires, take off the roof rack, don't drive like a jerk--but here are the actual amounts fuel economy will suffer if you not only buy a gas guzzler but act like an idiot with it.