The Electric Car Is Back: And Chris Paine's New Film Chronicles Its Triumphal Return


Chris Paine's new film is Revenge of the Electric Car, and it's the optimistic flip side to his previous one--which chronicled the crushing of GM's all-electric EV-1. What a difference a decade makes.


New York Auto Show 2011: The Extravaganza Grows


The New York International Auto Show is upon us, and it's now an almost-week-long extravaganza. Here's a preview.


Student Greens Let the Sunshine in for Campus EV Charging


Student activists at the University of California at San Diego are building a mobile solar EV charger that could be a sustainable option for the third world.


Three Reasons EVs Will Make Your Life Better (And Three Reasons They Won't)


Electric cars are upon us, and you have to weigh the pros and cons. Here's three of each, though the equation is likely to shift rapidly--and generally in the EV's favor.