Fast Times in New Jersey: Driving Mercedes' Hydrogen F-Cell


The F-Cell is the end result of $2 billion and 15 years of hydrogen research from Mercedes-Benz. The car I piloted around woodsy New Jersey (yes, it's green!) is nearing production.


Car Sharing is an Idea Whose Time has Come, and it's Getting Personal


Car sharing is growing rapidly in the U.S. and Europe, where it began. The next step is sharing personal cars, which sit idle more than 90 percent of the time. And California just made personal car sharing easier by taking away the insurance barriers.


Guerrilla Marketing: Start-up EVs are Game Changers


Electric vehicles will change the way we shop for and buy cars, especially for the small start-up companies that need work-arounds the traditional dealer network. Are you ready to buy a car at a mall? At a big-box store?


Jay Leno on EVs: Hurray for No-Compromise Chevy Volts and Porsche Spyders


Jay Leno has more than 100 cars in his garage, including vintage electrics. He likes EVs, especially the ones that ace the gas cars with good performance and a cure for "range anxiety."