Hydrogen Heats Up, and the Car Talk Blogger Gets a Long-Term Fuel-Cell Ride


I will be the proud recipient of a long-term test fuel-cell Toyota, just one in a fleet of 10 coming to Connecticut as part of an ambitious effort to build a "hydrogen highway" from Maine to Florida.


Whoppers: The Cars That Got Away


We've all got regrets, and some of them involve the cars we didn't buy. They seemed expensive at the time, or weren't running, or our parents said no. And they're all worth kazillions now. Send me your sob stories, too.


Against the Odds, At-Risk Kids Learn by Building Their Own EV


A team of troubled high school kids and their mentors have built a competitive electric commuter car. And it's real life, not a movie.


Charged Up and Ready to Roll: Volt vs. Leaf


The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are two mainstream electric vehicles, with some similarities but also significant differences. If it's highway driving you're after, the Volt is for you. The Leaf will be a great commuter car, but you may need something else for backup.