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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (2011)

  • Can drive Rubicon trail with four people each having their own escape door
  • Rugged styling -- now that Hummer's gone, it's the toughest looking thing out there
  • More comfortable than two-door Wrangler due to longer wheelbase
  • Makes it possible to carry four people in a Wrangler. Two-door rear entry was difficult.
  • Some civilized interior options, like satellite radio, heated seats, and steering wheel audio controls

  • Still barbaric after all these years
  • Questionable build quality -- doors don't close well
  • Shakes, rattles, and wind noise galore
  • Pants splitter entry height
  • Fatiguing ride and disquieting handling
  • Small windshield
  • Inconvenient access to cargo area from outside
  • Only four speeds in automatic transmission
  • Lousy mileage (15-19 MPG)

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