Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (2012)

  • Pro List Icon Pros
  • Handles decently—much better than in the past.
  • Quite comfortable, though not cushy.
  • Nicely appointed and tastefully done inside.
  • Nice sunroof.
  • All the accoutrements you’d want, including heated seats and a great sound system.
  • Feels higher quality, more solid and more luxurious than past Grand Cherokees.
  • Plenty of room up front, decent room in the back.
  • Lots of traction settings: snow, sport, sand, rocks, etc. Air suspension for off-road use. If you’re part of the .002 percentage of the population that actually needs these settings, you’re all set. Otherwise, it’s always in all-wheel drive.
  • Looks better than the old Grand Cherokee. It’s a reasonably good looking car.
  • Con List IconCons
  • Very heavy SUV, resulting in an average mileage reading on the car’s computer of 13 mpg, doing a combination of city and highway driving. That’s terrible!
  • Fairly lousy visibility.
  • Parking by Braille due to the high front and back.
  • Motorized rear lift gate is annoyingly slow when opening and closing, and cannot be overridden. It requires a wait. If Jeep was concerned about the weight, they could have followed the lead of other manufacturers, and made a lighter, aluminum rear gate.
  • Not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. For the same money, you can buy a fully-loaded Honda Pilot, or a Volvo XC90.
  • Reliability not great in the past. Something to keep an eye on as this edition ages.

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