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For some background information, head on over to the Janet Zone to listen to Janet's call that started it all, read Tommy's Rant and Rave on the subject, and peruse some of the letters we received on this topic.


With the kid offing herself under a semi, at least these morons won't be propagating any more like them. Worst of all, once her shiny BMW becomes crupled tinfoil, it won't be "cute" anymore! Oh the horror!
-- Amber McCollough
I back you guys 150%! Unfortunately, listening to that wimpy Mom I don't think your input made a dent (no pun intended) in her impoverished thought processes.
Afraid to drive in Charlotte
I was so upset to hear "Janet from Charlotte" and the BMW. Her daughter's boyfriends will be dying to drive that car and I do mean dying. The car will cause a testosterone overload at her school!!
-- Cathy
Janet, pardon my French, is a freakin' idiot for even considering it. It is too fast for a 16 year old. Hell, it's probably too fast for a 60 year old. It even looks fast. Look at it as Darwinism in action. Obviously Janet is stupid. Once this little death trap is given, well, the genes won't be passed on. Thus, the species as a whole will improve...
--Timothy Baily
I felt that your advice was good, however, you failed to point out to her that she was a vain, stupid, irresponsible parent!
-- Dan Weingarten
It seems to me that our concern for the future of mankind should not be so focused on teenagers thinking like teenagers, but rather parents thinking like teenagers.
--Dr. George Crosthwaite
Get back to the "mother" who is so afraid of her daughter and so ignorant of the physics of speed that she will choose a BMW time bomb with a very short fuse. TELL HER TO LOOK FOR A "CUTE" COFFIN FOR HER.
--Berkley Thomas
Think about it, would you rather your children be assaulted by a Z3 or a Turbo R? What you should have done is cascaded the hag with every insult under the sun and informed her that she, her ambulance chasing personal injury lawyer husband and her whining, spoiled, pampered brat were all banned from ever listening to your show again.
--Paul Gleeson
Let evolution take care of itself. Stupid people exist at all income levels and the rich ones have the right to drive themselves to extinction (no pun intended)as the poor ones.
--Bruce Reed
I don't think you were abusive enough to her! These people are the dumbest two parents I have heard embarrass themselves in public. Have them visit a major hospital and visit the neuro critical care unit and the morgue then they will change their tunes and buy her a Hummer.
--Brendan Hayes, M.D.
I heard the segment with Janet, the airhead from Charlotte who wanted to buy the expensive coffin for her 16 year old. Thank you for eschewing tact and diplomacy and letting her have it. She sounded more like she trying to accessorize a Barbie doll than preparing her child for one of the most serious responsibilities of her life.
--Mary Bader
I think we should all go down to Charlotte and have a protest march down Janet's street, carrying big signs proclaiming: Here lives a woman who believes that frogs can fly and that kids with $50,000 convertible sports cars won't speed. Call her back and reeally chew her out this time, and get her husband on the phone and tell him what kind of a wimp he is!!!!
--Don Unger
Why buy her a BMW? Buy a motorcycle. The woman could save money and the motorcycle would do the job more efficiently.
--Sal Girgente
Contrary to what Janet may believe, having a car that can perform tremendous feats of speed and handling does not make a safer driver. It will only enable the driver to do riskier things that are even more stupid! Did either of you know that a 1987 Pontiac 6000 STE could go 103 mph? I'll bet my parents didn't know it either.
--Dan Giordano
If this kid is as stupid as her mother, she'll need all that inheritance to stay alive.
--Jeff and Toni Meltzer
After listening to "Janet from Charlotte" on yesterday's program, I have this comment: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WOMAN THINKING??? Once she buys her teenage daughter this expensive sports car, why doesn't she just throw in a loaded .45, a bottle of liquor, and a couple of vials of cocaine for good measure?
--Mary Beth Carson
We would love to hear you guys talk to Janet in a new game entitled, "Call the Chump," to find out if she still bought the Z3 and how long it took her daughter to crack it up!
--Howard and Carol Ellegant
Why the hell are parents so scared their kids won't like them? Why do parents feel that they have to give their children everything they want? I'd rather have a child that grows up to be responsible and self-reliant that some blood sucking whiner. "Mommy, buy me a house; Mommy, I need to go to Europe for six months; Mommy, I don't want to get a job." You should have advised Janet to tell her brat to get a job and buy a car she could afford.
--Erica Zwick
Has Janet considered a color TV for the car, I understand that they are available for the new BMW's, and are just the thing that her daughter needs on those long trips to the mall. Of course, they complement the 100 CD changer and 12 speaker stereo that comes standard with these cars. Be sure to order the headphones, Janet, you don't want your daughter to be disturbed by any of those emergency vehicles that might be trying to get around her, when she is driving her BMW in first gear at 35 mph. Besides, engine noise can be a real bother in those low gears at 35.
--Gary Johnston
What planet is this woman from, and if she isn't very bright or observant, how did she get all that spare change? She was so bizarre, she almost seemed like a plant (you guys wouldn't do that, would you?)
-- Mary Phillips
Why not just hand her a loaded gun with a pre-paid burial plan? This is not responsible parenting for the '90s Take care and my hats off for your demonstrated restraint. I don't think I could have remained as calm BUT then again, YOU ARE PROFESSIONALS!!!!!
--Kirk Grosch
This mother ought to have a lobotomy, and at the very least, the child should be removed from the home and placed in the care of an adult--not a woman suffering from arrested development from her own pubescence.
-- Jack Neely