Using the AC in winter to keep internal parts lubricated?

air conditioning, winter
Dear Tom and Ray:

I've heard that one should periodically turn on one's air conditioner, even in
the winter, to keep the internal parts lubricated. Do you agree with this
recommendation? And how periodically are we talking about? -- David

RAY: Yes, I think it is a good idea to use the air conditioner -- I'd say once a
month or so -- even in the off-season to prevent the parts from drying out and
seizing up. But it's not something most people should ever have to think about.

TOM: In all but a few cars these days, the air conditioner is automatically
activated whenever you turn on the defroster (which most people do at least once
a month, right?). "Conditioned," or dryer, air is preferred for defrosting
because it's being used to remove moist air or condensation from the inside of
the glass.

RAY: If your car doesn't automatically link the defroster and the air
conditioner (some cars, mostly Japanese makes, have a separate AC button), try
using the AC whenever you defrost your windows. Not only will they clear a lot
faster, but you'll help keep your air conditioner in good working condition.

TOM: And don't forget, you can use the heat and the AC at the same time. You'll
end up with dry, warm air. And you won't harm either system, since they work
completely independently.


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air conditioning, winter

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