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distracted driving
I have been infected with the iPad bug. But, an article in Macworld has sounded an alarm. For $29 you can purchase a windshield mounting system for your iPad so you can never be more than arm's reach from the device.

The article in Macworld suggests that the windshield mount may drive you crazy. They indicate that "it is hard to imagine how this wouldn't be an enormous distraction for the driver" and issued the following plea: "please, please, please do not use your iPad while driving, even in a windshield mount. It's not safe folks".

No kidding.

Given that the iPad is a device that primarily delivers visual information (e-mail, internet, books, GPS, movies) it does not belong anywhere near the driver when they are driving. Researchers have shown that taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds significantly increases the risk of a crash.

But in this multi-tasking era, it is a good bet that someone will be foolish enough to use his or her iPad while driving. It is also a good bet that they will end up in a crash if they do.
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distracted driving

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